Welcome fans and members of the Duluth Symphonic Winds Community Band!

Conducted by Tracey Gibbens & William Van Loh

Welcome fans!

Here you'll find information about upcoming concerts as well as information on how to join our band!

Welcome band members!

Here you'll find information and resources for rehearsals, concerts, and more!

Rehearsal/Gig Information

**Stay tuned to this page, some information may end up changing**

May 21st  7:00pm  Duluth Denfeld High School

May 28th  7:00pm  St. Paul's Episcopal Church  BRING A STAND

June 4th  6:30pm  Duluth Denfeld High School  CONCERT BLACK

June 5th  5:30pm  Mitchell Auditorium  ALC Graduation  CONCERT BLACK  BRING A STAND

December 8th  8:30am  First United Methodist Church (Copper Top)

 Performance Information

June 4th  7:30pm  Duluth Denfeld High School    Spring concert featuring music arranged and/or composed by locals

June 5th  6:00pm  Mitchell Auditorium  ALC Graduation

Join us!

Visit www.duluthcommunityed.org to sign up

Do you play more than one instrument and need help deciding what to play? Call Tracey to find out what spots we need filled! 218-724-2773

Current needs:



Alto clarinet

Baritone saxophone


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